Wish #1

I’ll make a book full of photos starting Monday. Friends, family, strangers.. get ready! :3

awwww :’3

Two pieces of rainbow. 

Two pieces of rainbow. 

Elvis, da crazy bird

Elvis, da crazy bird

My new morning song ♩♫♭♪♩♫♭♪


A message between music, video and an original drawing. Unfortunately there is a waste of paper that I hope will offset the ideal sent.

..wish to know the meaning of the lyrics. Such a great and entertaining song!

-I read this article about what you do for people with horse problems.

-The truth is, I help horses with people problems.

Hands to work. I’m going to start a volluntary work with horses. Wish me luck!

(nothing like ‘The Horse Whisperer’ to give some strength)

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That’s not the beginnig of the end

That’s the return to yourself

The return to innocence.

have you ever felt this way? ☯ 

have you ever felt this way? ☯